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Don’t let your cigar collection go up in smoke

DATE POSTED:May 13, 2022
Cigars in a humidor Protect your cigars with a reputable humidor. Pixabay

Credit Christopher Columbus for introducing cigars to the world. During his initial voyage to the Caribbean in 1492, his crew came upon natives in Hispaniola (today’s Haiti and the Dominican Republic) who presented the strangers with rolled-up leaves of dried tobacco. Fast forward a few centuries, and cigars remain a symbol of adventure and nostalgia. If you’re a fan of expensive cigars, no doubt you’ve pondered the pros and cons of investing in a humidor to protect them. Today’s humidors are both elegant and efficient – combining the benefits of a wood cabinet with the humidity controls available through modern technology. If you’re shopping for a cigar humidor, we’d recommend these options.

The collector’s piece Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor with Front Digital Hygrometer, Humidifier Gel, and Accessory Drawer - Holds (25-50 Cigars) by Case Elegance A magnetic enclosure creates a tight seal so your stogies remain perfectly seasoned. Case Elegance

The real claims to fame for this humidor from Case Elegance are the digital hygrometer and Spanish cedar construction. There’s also room to store a lighter, cutters and travel case in the storage drawer. The glass lid lets you show off your cigar collection to guests.

Buy now: Case Elegance Cigar Humidor

Great protection Audew JC-23C1 Electronic Cigar Cooler Humidor,150-Cigar, with Spanish Cedar Wood Shelves/Tray Semiconductor refrigeration technology is the key here. Audew

Whoever thought we’d be talking about thermoelectric technology when it comes to storing cigars? This model from Audew is indeed electronic to provide cigars a longer life in storage and better flavor when finally smoked. Built with Spanish cedar, it has three adjustable shelves and one drawer that can store up to 150 cigars.

Buy now: Warm Welcome Cigar Humidor

Room for 300 Audew Cigar Cooler Humidor Spanish Cedar Wood 300 Capacity Closed-loop air circulation is the goal with this model. Audew

Room for 300 cigars? Yes, you read that right. If you’re a stogie fan, this is your dream humidor. The drawer and shelves sit flush with the front edge of the cabinet and built-in fan, allowing for ideal air circulation around the entire cooler.

Buy now: NeedOne Cooler Humidor

On the go choice Scotte Leather & Cedar Wood Cigar Canister Portable Cigar humidor case for 12-16 Cigars Great for stogie fans who are always on the go – on land or at sea. Scotte Buy Now

This portable humidor – canister, case, whatever you want to call it – just looks beautiful. It’s made from high-quality leather with a cedar interior and can hold up to 15 cigars. It even comes with a gift box, so consider sending it to a fellow aficionado.

Buy now: Scotte Cigar Humidor Case/Jar

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